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The team at Sappington Orthodontics puts your needs first to achieve the most beautiful results possible. Serving our patients with excellence each day is an honor. We hope that you know that we feel privileged that you have chosen our practice.

Jackie, Elizabeth, and Maria

Elizabeth has been with us for over 10 years, starting as a certified orthodontic assistant and moving to the front desk where she performs all administrative duties. Because of her front office and back operatory skills, you may see her anywhere while you are here, performing any procedure that is required of her. We are so appreciative of her loyalty, skills, and sweet personality.

Maria is our orthodontic assistant who also happens to be a trained dentist. During the two years that she has been with us, she has on occasion returned to Columbia to perform dental services in the country of her birth. We are so fortunate to have such a highly skilled professional with us. She is fluent in Spanish and is happy to assist anyone who walks through our doors who requires assistance with translations. Maria is a great dancer and knows how to make all of us laugh.

Jackie is a University of Florida student who is aspiring to be a dentist. She is fluent in Russian. She has a warm and bubbly personality and her laugh is infectious; no one can be sad for very long once Jackie is in the room.

You may also see Alice who works with us from time to time. She is a certified orthodontic assistant who retired from her work at the University of Florida's Department of Orthodontics where she was head assistant for over 30 years. Her level of assisting skills and kind and loving personality are unsurpassed.

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